Citydia, 100% Right Choice

Citydia Supermarket

In realising the need of Ghana shoppers to enjoy best quality, proximity and price in retail stores, the founders of Citydia supermarkets out the best global partners to bring world class methodology and technology to drive the retailing capability and employment in Ghana. Hence, Citydia Supermarkets plans to open as many as 100 stores across Ghana in the coming years with some experience through the partnership with DIA GROUP.

Our Partners

The DIA Group, founded in 1979 and listed on the Spanish stock exchange with just under 8000 stores across the world, is Europe’s third largest food sector franchiser. CITYDIA pride itself with having the widest range of own brands selection such as Dia% (Food groceries and Homecare), Bonte (Personal care), Baby Smile (Baby Care) and AS (Pet Care).

Citydia – Exclusive Brands

In addition to the Citydia brands, national and other international known brands will be readily available. Anyone looking for a world class supermarket experience in their neighborhood, with 100% quality products and best prices, should make a stop at Citydia . Citydia coming to a neighborhood near you with high quality daily needs at a price that makes you smile 100%.

Mission, vision and values.

The mission of Citydia is to offer quality products at the best prices to this the company has agreements with referral partners to promote: efficiency, initiative, respect, teamwork and customer focus. The values of Citydia are to provide guidance to behave responsibly at all times and make informed decisions on business ethics in order to deliver our mission of enabling consumers to buy quality products with best prices throughout the our store network. In addition, we provide our ethical business project to all people, organizations and institutions that work with so that they are familiar with what moves us.